Shady Grove United Methodist Church -- Mechanicsville
Saturday, January 25, 2020
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FAQs for Giving By Text

How do individuals give by text message?
Send the dollar amount you want to give ($xx) to 804-255-9740.  Then, a registration link will be texted to you.  After an individual has registered, he or she will receive further instructions on how to send donations by text message.  Text donations are received and processed by Vanco, the church's payment solutions partner.  
How do givers know when their donations are processed?
Givers receive an immediate confirmation via text that their donation has been received.  After a text donation has been processed, it appears on the individual's credit card statement.
How quickly are text donations deposited?
Text donations are electronically deposited into the church bank account within 2 to 4 business days for credit and debit card transactions.  
Are all contributions set at a fixed dollar amount?
No. The individual giver chooses the amount of the donation.
Are givers assessed any special fees? 
No, but standard text messaging rates may apply from a person's cell phone carrier.  
Are text donations ever charged to a member's mobile phone bill?
No. Donations are processed using the payment method specified in the giver's online profile.  Phone carries handle only the text message, never any financial information.
What payment methods are available for giving by text?
The Vanco Give by Text service supports donations via credit and debit cards.
Can givers set up recurring donations by text?
Yes. Donors can text "Repeat" after they've made a donation to make it recurring.  They can also text "Schedule" to set up a recurring donation.