Shady Grove United Methodist Church -- Mechanicsville
Sunday, April 18, 2021
growing together

Real Discipleship Suvery

Thank you for taking the time to complete this simple survey (it only takes 5-10 minutes).
There are two reasons why we are asking you to take the survey:
First, it can help you find your next best step as a disciple. You will receive instant feedback on the survey website. 
Second, the anonymous results are a key part of the “self-study” we are asked to do as part of the NLI process. In order to understand where our church is going, we need to understand where we are. This is an important tool in discovering that information. 

We hope you will participate in the survey with us. Instructions are included below:
*Make sure to edit your profile (See #8 below) prior to taking the survey so that we can register your group information.
1. Use this link
2.  Click the blue button “Use Your Church’s Access Code.”
3.  Type in church code PEACEANDJOY and click “submit.”
4.  You should see “Conference Code Validated” then click “continue.” 
5.  From there, select “Shady Grove UMC (Mechanicsville)”. Please be aware there are several “Shady Grove UMC”s in the system. Make sure you select the correct one. Then enter your name, an email, and choose a password, which enables you to receive your results. Then, click the “Sign Up” button. You should keep your login information so that you can login at another time to see your growth.
6.  You should see “You have successfully registered. You can log in now.”
7.  Click “Login here” and fill in the email and password you just created.
8.  Important: Before taking the survey, please select "Edit Profile," where you can choose which predetermined groups you belong to in the church. For example: No for Staff and Yes for 9:45 Worship Attendee.
9.  Take the Real Discipleship Survey by clicking the blue “Take Survey” button.
10.  Select one box of each color that best describes you. If you are color challenged, you can select one box per icon. After completing the survey use the blue “Submit Survey” button.
11.  You should see “You have successfully completed a survey. You can view it on your Member Dashboard now. Click RETURN to go to your dashboard now. You have surveys remaining."
12. Click “Return” to view your results. Your results are not attached to your name when the data is compiled. Each applicant is a number so your results are anonymous. 

Thank you for participating! If you have any questions, please contact