Shady Grove United Methodist Church -- Mechanicsville
Friday, June 22, 2018
growing together

Bible Presentations

Life is a journey along a path, and as Christians, we strive to stay on God’s path.  Shady Grove celebrates children and youth reaching special ages and stages of life with the presentation of their own Bible. 


First Grade

In September, children in the first grade, are be presented  a New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Bible.  This presentation is made during all three worship services.  If a child does not have a Bible, please contact the church office and a Bible will be presented to your child!!

This new Children’s NRSV Bible is formatted to interest children, ages 8-12.  It has illustrations and great “call-outs” that provide content designed to enhance the NRSV text.  Icons draw attention to the specific types of callouts:

PATH  -- God’s Path – The will of God, God’s words, the message of Jesus.

COMPASS – Finding the Path – What the Bible says about how to align your life with God’s will.

FLASHLIGHT – Light on the Path – Key verses worth memorizing.

POINT SIGN – Points along the Path – Facts about the Bible lands and life in Bible times.


Eighth Grade

In eighth grade, youth are presented with a New Oxford Annotated Bible, New Revised Standard Version, before they begin Confirmation.  Students, professors, and general readers alike have relied upon the Oxford Annotated Bible for essential scholarship and guidance to the world of the Bible for four decades.  Now a new editorial board and team of contributors have completely updated this classic work.  It is a great study Bible and will be used in the Confirmation journey and beyond.