Shady Grove United Methodist Church -- Mechanicsville
Sunday, February 28, 2021
growing together
January 3 - February 7 -- Sometimes things just wear out.  For awhile, we can dress them up and make them look viable. But over time the effort to keep things looking good becomes impossible. Repair is needed. Whether it’s a car, a house, or even our own lives, renovation will become necessary. The good news is that God wants to alter the “old you” and create a “new you.” Renovating anything can be gut wrenching and yet an exciting experience at the same time. The story of Nehemiah is one of rebuilding. It’s about rebuilding the city of God, while at the same time about rebuilding a people. They are restless. They are broken. But God uses this restlessness and brokenness to rebuild the people called Israel. God has a renovation in store for each of us as well. You are God’s house and God cares about the inside. God is ready for a Renovation Innovation. This 6-week series will encourage us to become new creations both corporately and personally. Won’t you come along for the journey?
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